The NYT Issue on Women: An African Man’s Perspective

On Aug. 23, I got to read the much-anticipated New York Times Magazine issue dedicated to women of the developing world. The lead story, “The Women’s Crusade” by Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, set the tone for the issue. And it portrayed an Africa that I hardly recognize. It also calls for a response.  Continue reading …

Kenya: Exploring Obama’s Religious Roots

Kenyan relatives describe Obama’s religious roots as a very free and tolerant affair

On a recent trip to Kenya, I sat down with Said Obama, Sen. Barack Obama’s uncle, and asked him about his family and religion.

“We were born into a Muslim family in a predominantly Christian area,” Said Obama said. “We went to Christian schools and studied Christian religious education. Whenever we were short of something we were sent into Christian homes (to borrow) and whenever they were short of something they were sent into our home. Religion never became an issue.” Continue reading …

‘African Blood’ Saved Obama From Scrutiny in Ghana

During his visit to Ghana, President Barack Obama laid out a U.S. policy that wasn’t any different from that of his predecessors. But because Obama’s father hailed from my home country of Kenya, and because blood –- African blood, especially -– is thicker than water, Africans exempted their son’s plan for the continent from the tough questions it warranted.  Continue reading ….